Why are in-person corporate events so important?

Corporate events are organized with economical purposes, and are useful to present, deliver information, reward, motivate, celebrate, determine milestones, etc.

Let’s remember that all corporate events join many stakeholders: entrepreneurs, employees, potential clients, real clients, product and service providers, producers, etc.

Economy is reactivated when transactions between individuals are made. There is no exchange without interaction. Thus, even if business is possible within the distance, physical encounters generate other kind of synergy.

Let’s talk about the three possibly most popular events which generate commercial relationships.

Trade Shows: the corporate events for exhibiting

They are events of a specific branch of industry, which take place in big format venues. All participant companies can hire a determinate space (or a work space, a rest area, a meeting room, etc) to advertise their product or service.

The usual equipment in these spaces is a stand. This is an ephemeral structure which, as a scenography, serves for a company to advertise its products.

Participating companies always require an attractive stand, a motivated sales force, merchandising and adequate communication potential clients feel attracted.

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Conferences: the corporate events for speaking

They consist in lectures about a general subjetc, offered by key-note speakers who speak in the main area. There are smaller zones in which more specific sessions happen.

Conference cicles are used to provide information to a specific audience, to educate, to motivate attendees, or to generate engagement.

Auditoriums are always a good option. In other cases, the organizers use diaphanous venues prepared with rental furniture (chairs, podiums, lecterns, etc).

Congresses: the corporate events for everything

They are a mix between trade shows and conferences. Specialized public attends these events, where field experts will discuss many areas of knowledge.

This format is quite popular in pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors. (All national and international medical societies have their own congress where specialized doctors and companies get together in order to generate different synergies).

During the last years, technological congresses (like the Mobile World Congress) have won lots of strenght in media, which enhances its economical potential.  (Smart Room Barcelona has participated during the last 6 years in this event.)

Many simultaneous actions take place in a congress: product exhibition, brand launchings, conferences and communication, networking, and/or sponsored areas.

If we finally analyze the economical income that comes to the host city (transportation, hospitality, tourism), consecuently, many contries linger for these events.

Are you thinking about future corporate events? Get in touch with Smart Room Barcelona!