The Colours of a Pantone Summer

The colours of a Pantone summer 2024


Just a few days before the arrival of summer 2024, the Pantone company has presented its favourites for this season of the year.

In this article, we talk about Pantone colours, their function and their summer 2024 collection, which is highlighted by orange and blue tones. You may already know how the Pantone palettes work, but in case this world is a bit far away, we will bring you closer to it.  


What the Pantone code is for

The creation of universal codes that we can all access allows us to understand each other and communicate in a unique, simple and quick way. It is great that, while being on the other side of the world, we can speak the same language of colours and understand each other exactly. That is why the company Pantone works in colour ranges, represented by codes in their palettes, so that we can all understand each other from miles away and without deviations. They offer two different palettes: the Pantone Matching System™ (PMS) palette for graphics and the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) palette for fabrics, coatings and pigments. Each is suitable for the materials specified above, as the human eye perceives variations in colours, which these two palettes are trying to correct and align/balance.  


Colours and perception. How they affect your brand

Colours make us feel and sense reality in one way or another, just as words can do with letters, music with notes or smells with scents. Colours express many things that we unconsciously associate with states or concepts that society and our environment have set in our minds. For example, we associate the colour red with warmth, dynamism, energy and danger, whereas if we see a green colour, we associate it with nature, growth, freshness and serenity, or a brown colour with rural, earthy and rustic. 

Your eyes see a colour and at that very moment, your brain filters it to give way to associations and emotions. This is why it is so important to choose the right colours that, talking corporately; you want to represent your brand. 

After a study of trends in different areas, Pantone has chosen and highlighted 4 colours as the Pantone colours of this summer 2024; on one hand, Aquarius and Aruba Blue as bluish tones. On the other hand, Tangelo and Saffron as orange tones.


Smart Room Barcelona and the Pantone language

For 10 years at Smart Room Barcelona we have been speaking the language of the Pantone palettes, so that we can understand you perfectly when we design your stand and build it at the fair, taking care of every detail. In each trade show build up, the accuracy of the colours and their shades is as important for you as it is for us, since the message they convey will be crucial to arouse the desired emotions in the visitors who come to your stand. 
Pantone will continue to create colours and we will continue to be here, speaking your language, to create bespoke stands that emotionally excite and touch your customers directly and deeply at every event.

What is your favourite colour for this summer? Do you have a marketing action in mind to use these on-trend colours? 
Contact the Smart Room Barcelona team: we will help you integrate these or other Pantone colours into your brand activation, product launch, corporate event or your next trade show stand.  

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Date: 2024-06-13