Urban Art to Cheer Up Cities: collective Boa Mistura

Urban Art to Cheer Up Cities: collective Boa Mistura

Urban art goes further beyond graffitti. Boa Mistura is a design collective conformed of 5 urban artists from Madrid.  Their main objective is to generate positive and inspirational messages by the graphic intervention of public spaces.

Market vaults painted in different colors in Madrid.

They have worked on their own, but also with ONGs and universities along different countries. They perform their graphic work on buildings and other elements of the urban landscape. This way they take advantage of colours, contrast and textures. But they also use words as graphic elements. The collective involves local people into the production of the work.

Colorful mural painting with the word Vida

But beyond the form, there is a powerful series of messages related to ideas like “happiness”, “peace”, city “humanization”, or the dialogues between the urban environment and people.

Colorful painting with the word

One of the greatest achievements of Boa Mistura’s urban art work is to generate a sense of union between population and their environment.  Why is this important for us? Because before any design action, we should understand the emotional nature of our audience, which is the only way in which a work is memorable.

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More info and pics: https://www.designboom.com/art/interview-with-design-collective-boa-mistura-08-21-2014/

Date: 2023-09-14