(Images by Designboom and Dis-up websites)

Japanese Architecture is well known for its subtile and poetic traits. Contemporary architects from Japan like Isamo Noguchi, Tadao Ando or Toyo Ito, are famous for keeping loyal to minimalism, simplicity of forms, visual lightness and integration to environment.

Thanks to Designboom, we discovered this wonderful example of contemporary church designed by Yu Momoeda. Its main feature: the wooden tree-like structures, which support the roof. Using fractal structures (a similar principle to that of Gothic churches), this one allows a massive flow of natural light through the four glass facades.

Can we get inspired in Nature when we plan ephemeral structures, like stands for tradeshows?  We should seriously think about it.

(More info and pics at: https://www.designboom.com/architecture/yu-momoeda-architecture-office-agri-chapel-japan-01-03-2018/?utm_source=designboom+news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=yu+momoeda+uses)