At Smart Room Barcelona we appreciate innovative solutions for design and building.

The new AC Hotel by Marriott (design by Danny Forster & Architecture) is an innovative work of architecture. It is made of modules which are manufactured in Europe and shipped to New York. This significantly reduces the construction duration and costs.

These are not the classic containers that became fashionable a few years ago. The company DMD Modular prefabricates the modules. This European enterprise participates in international projects and produces special solutions for building. Prefabricated parts exist, but the results are tailor-made and they are a seamless solution.

The rooms, previously decorated and furnished, are actually modules with a steel frame. These arrive completed at the construction site, and a crane places them in place. Interior finishes, decoration, furniture and bathroom are part of the module.

The hotel will have 168 rooms, terraces and multiple services. The building company will complete the works by the end of 2020.