5 years ago we started designing spaces that provoked emotions. While working, we have visited many beautiful cities like Madrid, Cologne, Frankfurt, Paris, or even Copenhague! What an adventure! We thought this should be celebrated with an anniversary event.

During this time we’ve learned that each project is a whole trip. So we decided to celebrate some days ago by doing what makes us happy: a party. Have a look in this link!

Our 5th anniversary event left us some colorful souvenirs, tunned up by our beloved attendees.

Thanks to all of you who have made possible this ‘multisensorial trip’ around the world. Thanks for following us during all these years.

We are glad that you interacted with us. We were happy to see you make art. We enjoyed delicious food and drinks.

We sincerely hope that you had fun, and we are super proud about sharing our work with you.