Pics by Oskar Dariz; design by Peter Pichler

The “Salone del Mobile” in Italy is the perfect spot for unusual things to happen.  Last April, the “Università degli studi” in Milano hosted an installation by Peter Pichler.  It was an atypical wooden structure. This made a strong contrast versus the environment: a Renaissance courtyard surrounded by an archery.

The whole structure is generated by simply stacking and rotating 1600 different wooden pieces. This “shelter” filters light but projects a series of shadows.  It has three openings which serve as entrances.

Even if it seems to be a very simple structural exercise, it reminds us of the power of contrast (between materials and historical moments) and it is a good example of sustainable production (no omplex processes have been used in the development of it.  The work seems to be very eco-friendly, indeed!).

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