(All images by ©Javier de Riba)

Barcelona has a spectacular architectonic legacy. And interiorism is a very important aspect of it. We ourselves have taken inspiration in the famous “hidraulic tiles” for our corporate identity.

We share with you Javier Riba’s work, a designer from Barcelona who makes artistic interventions in abandoned spaces, taking geometries and visual textures from old floors.   

Using the “stencil” technique, Javier has intervened very different places, such as hotels, houses or bridges, rescuing them from forgetfulness. He uses color and form to grant life to this lonely spaces again.

Can we use artistic legacy of the past to reinterpret it and apply it in our design work? We definitely think so.

(More pics and full info at: http://culturainquieta.com/es/arte/street-art/item/12571-un-artista-espanol-pinta-con-spray-azulejos-de-colores-en-los-suelos-de-edificios-abandonados.html)