We’re in the middle of the Summer, and the best thing we can do is to is enjoy it. What about spending some days at a boutique hotel by the Mediterranean, in a stylish environment, full of greenery and contemporary decoration?

Image: ©Little Beach Barcelona

Does it sound good enough?

Boutique hotels make you feel at home. Design is exquisit, and there is a great care about details and decoration.

Image: ©Little Beach Barcelona

We know a place called Little Beach House Barcelona. You can find it in Garraf, Catalonia. It´s actually a private club with 17 rooms decorated with locally taylormade furniture.  The original building appeared in the 50’s. It was recently recovered from abandonment.

What about this comfortable environment? Lots of fluffy cushions, a nice gallery, natural fiber furniture and natural light.

Image: ©Little Beach Barcelona

Besides of the beautiful interior design, part of the charm of this place is its location.  Just beside the hotel you can find a famous group of white and green stalls which used to belong to fishermen. Nowadays private families use these little houses on Summer days.

Images: ©Little Beach Barcelona

Are you now lingering for a relaxing vacation nearby at a boutique hotel? Or would you like us to help you refurbish your interior spaces? Just give us a call!