Architecture is a good source of inspiration for Smart Room Barcelona. We love to explore works that invite to having unconventional experiences. Aren’t these pools are a perfect way of enjoying Summer originally?

  • SMILE. Studio A2Arquitectos has delivered a sympathetic project called “Smile” for a hotel leisure zone. Creative concept: They defy the traditional blue atmosphere of all pools. (Pics and more info by:
  • CAMPER. Conceptual artist Benedetto Buffalino has transformed an old camper van into in interesting see-through swimming pool. Creative concept: joining two ideas that apparently have nothing to do with each other. (Pics and more info by:
  • JELLYFISH. Finally, Wiel Arets Architects projected the “Jellyfish House”, with a spectacular cantilevered pool which has a transparent floor. Creative concept:  it’s a pool that seems to be flying. And it allows you to enjoy light through water, if you are standing on the ground floor. (Pics and more info by: