(All pictures copyright by Finn Lough)

For those who want to have the comfort of a luxurious hotel but also wish to have an immersive experience into nature, Finn Lough Resort has a good solution.

Located in Enniskillen, a green environment surrounded by woods water, the hotel complex offers traditional cottages, lodges, suites, and a special section which is isolated from the main zone. Four inflatable transparent dome-sets are separated from each other to ensure privacy.

The domes offer no wifi or TV, but grant you a 360º experience into Nature which is simply unique. On the other hand, climate condition control and electricity can be controlled by guests inside.  Other facilities include a Nespresso coffee machine, or arocca wood furniture.

The modular design of the bubbles allows them to be placed in an infinite number of locations. Other resorts in Spain, Finland or Mexico have tried the formula with good results.  Where would you like your bubble to be?