MWC is always a great challenge. The number of projects added to its particular complexity require lots of preparation, a good timing and close communication with each of our clients.

The majority of the projects at this edition were middle sized: a perfect format to gather a welcome zone, one or two small meeting areas and storage room.

Above these lines, our proposal for Aexonis. Please have a close look at the welcome desk: a dynamic design with orange halos which makes a statement.

Below, our stand for Branch – Mobile Growth. Good layout and a very well organised space. The messaging on the shelves was a great idea!

Stand for Branch at MWC by Smart Room Barcelona
Stand for Branch

Comprion has chosen our standbuilding services for the third consecutive year. They have shown consistency in their stand structure, but have introduced interesting changes in the visual strategy, introducing new artwork on the walls.

Stand for Comprion at MWC by Smart Room Barcelona
Stand for Comprion

Microblink opted for a dark background and blue backlit accents, in order to speak about technology. The halo effect communicated a high-tech environment.

Stand for Microblink at MWC by Smart Room Barcelona
Stand for Microblink

Finally, our proposal for Smith Micro Software, who refreshed their 2018 look, keeping similar proportions and style, but upgrading the graphics with a fresh look.

Stand for Smith Micro at MWC by Smart Room Barcelona

Every stand is a challenge, but we are commited to make you stand out. Give us a chance to design and build for you in Fira de Barcelona or anywhere in Europe!