Handcrafts and greenery in a contemporary stand

Handcrafts and greenery in a contemporary stand

A briefing for stand design

Stand design is rarely associated with the word "handcraft", and this last one is never associated with the word "avant-garde"

But in 2019 we were appointed by the company Eladiet, dedicated to the nutritional complement production, to develop their stand in Vitafoods trade show, in Geneva.

Eladiet is a company dedicated to functional foods production. It all started 30 years ago as a family business, but is now a leading and innovative enterprise with expertise in natural-ingredient products.

Greenery and handcrafts in a modern stand.

The Event

Vitafoods is a yearly event that brings together companies specialized in nutraceutical industry. This means, those who generate products with natural components, with preventive or therapeutical capacity. Products which are beneficial for health, but which are not properly medications.

The Design

As requested by our client, we designed a space that makes reference to the avant-gard interior design of their own headquarters office (elegant, contemporary, with basic geometries and natural textures).

It was important to generate a "Nature" atmosphere.

Rescuing traditional ceramics

At the same time, we have incorporated elements inspired in a 'traditional drugstore'. And here comes the "handcraft" concept. In order to generate a link with traditional medicine, we have exclusively produced a series of hand-decorated ceramic jars. These pieces remind of the old fashioned containers for pharmaceutical and herbal-store use.

These jars are unique items (all different from each other) that give value to handcraft processes. Many designs leave aside this kind of items in great trade shows.

The design on each jar was unique: the ornaments and decoration were different.

Another classic reference: Botanical illustrations

The space should include product exhibition spaces, open meeting zones and a semi-private room for VIP meetings. For this last environment we have used reproductions of old Botanical illustrations. These show different plant species.

Botanical illustrations taken from old pictures, courtesy of Eladiet.

Greenery: a perfect framing for the stand

Finally, greenery was fundamental in the stand design.

The use of green plants takes us to the origins of the company.  It also makes us think about their great knowledge on medicine plants. Thus, we used a great variety of species, with different pots. This gave a cozy, fresh and nice environment.

The stand design is developed around the ideas of "green", "natural" and "traditional, but thinking of a modern context.

Thinking about stand design

In this project we thought about the important brand values.  Modernity (simple lines and volumes), appreciation for Nature (live plants that evoque a deep knowledge of organic ingredients), and origin (ceramic jars that refer to traditional medicine and handcraft works), have taken us to produce a successful stand.

We should make an acknowledgement to Eladiet. Above all, they bet on a unique stand design. And they allowed us to develop it achieving an out-of-the-box result.

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Date: 2023-09-14