3 Trends in Stand Design Barcelona for 2022

3 Trends in Stand Design Barcelona for 2022

In Smart Room Barcelona we offer you advice to plan a better stand.  International trade shows like Vitafoods or CPHI, held during the second half of 2021, gave us a broad view to share with you.

Our experience in exhibit design, build up and production, allows us to think about three trends:

Diaphanous stands

In spite of all those plexy panels, wide open clean spaces have become more important. We want to avoid the feeling of confinement. We can also count with semiprivate meeting rooms, or other useful elements: semitransparent walls, middle height panels, sliding walls, curtains, etc.

Stand Access Control

Regulations in many trade shows and events require the perimeter to be delimited, so to avoid the visitors' free access. It's also mandatory to have a point of control (welcome desk) to know who enters the stand. (We can make it by means of catenary lines, low walls, plants, glass separations, etc).

This helps in obtaining sanitary control data in a very easy way (such as body temperature). But it is also a great opportunity to obtain valuable leads or contact cards!

Sustainable Design

This is a trend that came to stay. More and more companies demand to have reusable elements for future events. Or they demand having warranties about the reuse of certain materials. Or they ask for the use of materials which generate a lower environmental impact. This is certainly a complex challenge, but a very interesting one.


If you need ideas for your stand layout, have a look at our gallery.  We are sure that we'll be able to help you to have an outstanding participation in your next event.


Date: 2023-11-17