Design Trends: Colour Preview for the End of 2021

Design Trends: Colour Preview for the End of 2021

International "Fashion Weeks" are here again! The best of the fashion industry is brought together on the catwalks in different cities around the world. Along with them, we have the trend forecast for late 2021 and early 2022.

Let's remember that just as the events calendar, design and fashion trends are always launched semesters in advance.

For example, we knew months ago that 2021 would be a year for optimism, but keeping feet on the ground. Thus, Pantone proposed colours Yellow "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray" as two opposite but complementing trends.  Yellow as a sign of happiness for the little big achievements, as a desire for happiness, or as "a promise for a new day".  On the other hand, gray as a sign of firmness, conservatism, planification or reliability.


During the evolution of the year, trends are nourished by new facts, discoveries, news, etc. All which is valid for the first half of the year, has evolved when the second half is here.  In this sense, Pantone Institute of Colour has launched a series of complementary colours for the originals of 2021,  based on which has been presented in different events.  For example, New York Fashion Week.


Would you like to know the origin of these colours?

The augmented "basic" palette

We give you a small summary of the meaning of these new hues, which are complementary for the Illuminating Yellow. Ideal colours to catch attention or to generate visual accents.

  1. PANTONE 18-4434.  MIKONOS BLUE. An energic blue, evocating the Aegean Sea.
  2. PANTONE 18-6022. LEPRECHAUN.  Emblematic green for Irish folklore and mythology.
  3. PANTONE 18-2330. FUCHSIA FEDORA. Vivid and wild pink.
  4. PANTONE 13-1716. PALE ROSETTE. Soft and tender pink.
  5. PANTONE 17-1340.  ADOBE. Warm and comforting, like sun-dried clay.
  6. PANTONE 18-1453. FIRE WHIRL. Vigorous red, with a dynamic presence.
  7. PANTONE 19-3838. RHODONITE. Very deep blue, with a purple base.
  8. PANTONE 18-4221. SPRING LAKE. Medium blue, soft and silent.
  9. PANTONE 19-1228. ROOT BEER. Herbal brown, referring to the bark of the sassafras tree.

The augmented "complementary" palette

And of course, the complementary colours for the Ultimate Gray. These hues grand a neutral base. They are ideal to apply as a background.

  1. PANTONE 11-1007. COCONUT CREAM. Velvety, thick and rich white.
  2. PANTONE 13-0919.  SOYBEAN. Blond, soft and affable beige.
  3. PANTONE 18-0527.  OLIVE BRANCH. Green full of taste, symbolizing growth.


How can we incorporate this colour palette into an interior design project? Get in touch with our interior design division at Smart Room Barcelona:  we can offer you ideas so that your home or office have an attractive and cozy design, following the last colour trends.


Date: 2023-09-13