4 'Hot Spots' to Take Care of in Commercial Interior Design

4 'Hot Spots' to Take Care of in Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design aims to configurate the internal areas of a business space to facilitate sales and, of course, to encourage business.  ????

Our experience in Design and Architecture allows us to take care of aspects such as colour, lighting, finishes and furniture to enhance your product. Remember that in addition, all the environment must generate a pleasant experience.

But precisely as experts in spaces, we are also specialists in proposing the best interior layout so that your visitors circulate correctly in the place. You will also need to have the right location for your product to shine.  Let’s remember that our goal is your business to be better.

The 4 Key Points in a Commercial Venue

1) Signs and lettering

Is your logo visible on the facade? Do your clients remember your logo after they have walked through the door? Is it visible at eye level?

Remember also that all graphic applications (posters, information panels, general signage) must be consistent with the graphic design of your brand.

Tip: Corporeal logos (3D) on the facades give an extra appeal to any business.

3D and Backlit Logos are important eye-catchers.

2) Showcase or window displays

It is the first thing your audience will see! What impression do you want them to take from your business? Do you prefer to show physical samples of your product? Will you only show graphical information?

Tip: There are very extremely attractive resources, such as recreating a scenery. Remember that movement always attracts people.

Window displays can tell stories, regardless of the product that they sell.

3) Product displays

Of course, you have to place the product on a physical support within your sales space. Transparent showcases? Podiums? Any other type of custom display?

Tip: Sometimes everyday objects can be used as supports to display the product. But make sure the appearance is consistent with your communication strategy. You have to make everything look tailor-made for your brand.

Product displays designed by Smart Room Barcelona. The design of these furniture is coherent with the packaging and the branding strategy.

4) Storage

Although this is the great forgotten element by many companies, seeing the product in storage (well organized) can become an attractive way to show the product to your visitors.

Streetology Store by Facet Studio, in Australia, is a great example of good storage + display.

5) Bonus track: Showrooms

Even if not all brands can use this sales channel, there are brands that do not sell on site. They display their products as if they were small museum pieces, which are not properly on sale. We know brands of faucets, vehicles, jewelry and even food that have set up spaces to admire or taste a product. These are pedagogy spaces to know about the product qualities. An atmosphere of comfort is offered to the visitor, who lives an ‘experience’, without having to buy at that moment. Have you considered this strategy?

Smart Room Barcelona can help you work on any of these points to improve your business, regardless of its size. Get in touch with us, we have many ideas that may be useful in your corporate spaces design.


Date: 2023-09-13