4 Tips for an Unforgettable Christmas Window Display

4 Tips for an Unforgettable Christmas Window Display



A Christmas shop window decorated with taste invites people to stop in front to observe. It pushes them into the venue to have a look to the products on display. And the most important: it encourages them to purchase.

Smart Room Barcelona team has preparated some suggestions that you may con e podéis tener en cuenta si os estáis planteando preparar vuestro escaparate para las próximas y cercanas fechas navideñas.

  1. Balance

It´s very important to get balance between the Christmas look and the store own look: all clients should perceive clearly which products the store sells, which ones are part of the promotional items.  

Snowflakes are printed on the glass to frame the product (which is already bright and attractive) without overshadowing it.


2. Innovation



The fact that Christmas shop windows share the same theme may not be a good idea, since they can be very similar and repetitive. Thus, a good visual merchandiser should know how to give it a touch of style by means of innovation and originality How can we innovate? By means of colors, textures, shapes and the positioning of every element.


Taking all elements to abstraction and generating the minimal expression: the snowman and the glass sphere are only suggested by geometrical volumes and shapes.


3. Ornaments that make a difference


Another way to stand out among other Christmas shop windows is by taking special care in the ornaments that we'll use for decorating. The optimal is to build and produce new ornaments, and being aware of the neighbouring shop windows. This way we'll be able to diferentiate ourselves from the rest.

Elements that reach out towards the street are always attractive.


4. Light, our great ally



Brightness attracts, it grants warmth, and it encourages us to look closely. It is a very powerful marketing tool.  And if we add movement, the result will be triumphant: alternating lights or something balancing will help you touch the heart of your public.



Bright stars suggest that the bicycle flies, and they complete the scenography.


Are you considering decorating your store these Holidays?  From Smart Room Barcelona we can help you. Let's make the products from your store the perfect gift to be purchased by all your clients!


Date: 2023-09-13