8 Ideas to Consider when We Come Back to Trade Shows

8 Ideas to Consider when We Come Back to Trade Shows

It has been a long year, specially for those of us who miss physical events, trade show venues, and all the bustle and hustle around. But all good things come back, and in-person fairs are not the exception.

Even if virtual events have grown during the last months, nothing can substitute personal contact, even if it is a bit different from how it used to be before 2020.

So let us speak about 8 interesting trends that we will surely see in physical events.

1. Lower density:  wider isles and fewer booths.

Social distance requires more spacing, so isles will tend to be wider. This will offer less space to allocate stands in a pavillion. 

2. Smaller, wider open stands

At this precise moment, many companies have frozen their marketing assignations. Many will refrain from big investment in fairs, so we should expect a reduction in scenography.  Besides that, complex stands require more time and staff for construction. Finally, health and safety regulations will favour open stands with natural ventilation (avoiding closed-roof meeting rooms or crowded spaces and events within the stand).

3. Less visitors, higher power of decision

Travel (and budget) restrictions will make us have less visitors. Nevertheless, only the important players will come to the fair.  So say goodbye to curious visitors, to executives’ relatives, to excess of hosts and hostesses, and to all staff that adds no real value to the company’s presence at the event.

4. Our new old friends: thermometers, hand sanitizing, masks

The access points will actually be like check stations.  We will all be scanned, either with the gun-like thermometer or via infra-red technology.  Even if health proof policies are still under discussion, it might be likely to have scanners for special documentation at the entrance (PCR test certificates, vaccination proofs, etc). Hand sanitizers will be all over the venues. And of course, branded masks will be everywhere.

5. New signalisation code

Besides the usual banners that indicate the number of pavillon or show your way to the bathroom, we will find new arrows showing the “one way direction flows”, the required space and distancing, or the no handshake policy.

6. Outdoor events and venues will be preferred

Venues with open grounds (gardens, terraces or open parkings) might be more attractive. Outdoor events can be a perfect way to socialize, make business, breath fresh air and catch some sunlight. 

In this sense, Mediterranean cities have a lot to win.  ????

7. Food will not be the same

Say goodbye to fingerfood and snacks. Food preparation onsite will also be diminished. Individually wrapped items and “lunch-box style” catering will be preferred, as well as bottled beverages.  Outdoor restauration areas in the venues will have a golden opportunity.

8. As touchless as possible

We will try to avoid touching surfaces such as screens, samples, catalogues, cards, etc.  So it will be a good idea to digitalize your merchandising, your givaways or your printed materials. 

Let Smart Room Barcelona assess you if your company is coming back to trade shows We can design a stand according to the new rules of safety. We can help you in reorganizing your participation at events.  And we can help you in creating the best experience for your company on this new reality.

Date: 2023-09-13