An Environmentally Conscious “Treehouse Art Gallery” in Tulum, Yucatan

An Environmentally Conscious “Treehouse Art Gallery” in Tulum, Yucatan

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You linger for the perfect Summer destination, and you like Nature but you also like art.  What about Mexico? We discovered this resort called Azulik, located in the heart of the Mayan Riviera, at Tulum, in Yucatan Peninsula. And we found out that Peggy Guggenheim’s grandson leads an incredible art gallery. This project challenges all preconceptions about this kind of spaces.

Designed by Architect Jorge Eduardo Neira, this organic space evokes Nature and allows you to take contact with it. You should take off your shoes, pay attention to the different textures of the floor and to the different surfaces to walk on.  

No trees were cut, natural light is used, and the amorphous structure allows wildlife to exist underneath.

The place is not only about the art inside of the it. It also fosters art programmes for local children and a multidisciplinary residence for new artists, fashion designers, chefs, musicians, etc.  This privileged environment will influence directly the creators’ work.

Date: 2023-09-13