5 Reasons to Invest in the Reform of Spaces

5 Reasons to Invest in the Reform of Spaces

(Main image by Vifarma)

It does not matter the area of your business (restaurants, fashion, pharmacy, services, etc.): if you have a place where you serve your customers, you should make their visit always pleasant. Your commercial space is the clothing of your business: it must speak well of your brand and generate an awsome experience for the people who purchase your product.

Think about Starbucks: the quality of the coffee is not gourmet, and the product is expensive; but all its customers like the comfort of their coffee shops. Think of the smell of Zara Home venues or the warmth of Natura stores.

And if your product has been running well for some time… why should you invest in renovating your commercial space?

Why should I redesign my space?


I want to attract attention. Nothing better to gain visitors than the novelty, the ground-breaking, the striking. Be different from your competence. Or even be different from yourself: The Camper shoes brand stores have a unique interior design, different in each location.

Design of exclusive Camper brand stores, which in the service generates experiences.
Two different Camper stores, in Madrid and Barcelona. (Images by Camper)


My audience has changed. At what point did we stop visiting drugstores just to buy medicine? Now most of us can find beauty products, Nutraceuticals, food supplements, baby products, etc. Not only ill people visit a pharmacy, so many of these spaces have acquired a more 'cosmetic' aspect. (See main image).

Pharmacy and Services generate united by the brand: Medicines, beauty products, nutraceuticals, food supplements, baby products, etc.
Clinical spaces have become cosmetic-boutique stores, while still selling prescription medicine. (Image by Vifarma)


My brand has changed. We may not like it, but online banking is an increasingly strong reality. New generations stop less and less at bank branches to carry out simple procedures. La Caixa has redesigned its branches to avoid counters and make them look like comfortable living rooms.

La Caixa has redesigned its offices to avoid counters and turn them into comfortable brand rooms. Bank branches to carry out simple procedures, where the experience is pleasant.
La Caixa office design has evolved from having a traditional counter, to open spaces, to their new 'Store' format, with comfortable lounge areas. (Images by La Caixa)


My space looks outdated. Trends change over time: the public changes habits, consumer trends are different, fashion evolves. Pans & Company has been able to reform the appearance of its stores incorporating contemporary finishes and graphic design.

Pans & Company has been able to reshape the look of its service stores by incorporating contemporary finishes and graphic design, creating a distinct experience.
Pans & Company rebranding brought also a shop redesign. (Images by Pans & Company)


My store needs renovations or repairs. We will not include photographs of commercial spaces with leaks, dampness, or yellowish paint on the walls. But we have all been into a bar, a fashion store or a showroom that could be rejuvenated if they invested in fixing their damages. Do not let laziness hurt your business: invest in renovations!

At Smart Room Barcelona we can help you to renovate and optimize your business space. Think about corporate interior design as a good investment. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your ideas.

Date: 2023-09-13