5 Classic Design Oversized Lamps Illuminate a Manchester Square

5 Classic Design Oversized Lamps Illuminate a Manchester Square

The award-winning studio Acrylicize has produced a group of 5 classic design “supersized” lamps for Manchester Picadilly Square.  These iconic lamps are inspired in different stages of the city’s history: an Art Nouveau Tiffany lamp, an Art Deco lamp, a Mid-Century Table lamp, a 1900’s Victorian Banker’s Desk lamp, and a Contemporary Iconic Anglepoise lamp.

Each lamp tells its own story through a number of graphics set into the lampshades, and dealing with the moment which they represent.

Three supersized classic design lamps in Manchester

Besides being eyecatching, this installation also provides a nice meeting point for the people of Manchester. By the way, it is also very attractive at night.  The lamps actually have lights coming from their canopies.

Square in Manchester with supersized lamps, illuminated during afternoon

Why is this classic design and gigant objects important for us?  Many stands in the tradeshow world use huge props. Gigant elements are always visible, but we should remember that they are only useful if they have a good story to tell.  And if they are interactive, they add points.

People interacting with supersized lamps in Manchester Square
Thinking about classic design as a tool to give a message? Get in touch with us if you have ideas for your next exhibition.
Date: 2023-09-13