Ephemeral Art Festival in Girona. What can we learn from installations in Nature?

Ephemeral Art Festival in Girona. What can we learn from installations in Nature?

(Main picture: Installation by Jofre Sebastian. Image by Art & Gavarres.)

Us and The Ephemeral

At Smart Room Barcelona we create ephemeral exhibition spaces: that is, they are built, have a commercial purpose, generate an impression on the visitor and, therefore, they disappear. Our work almost always consists of generating exhibition supports, meeting spaces, or even scenography.

A large part of our production for ephemeral architecture is made of wood and chipboards, which are usually reused or recycled after each event.

An Ephemeral Art Event

But can ephemeral art also be made? Aren't works of art supposed to last? Why creating a work of art that is destined to disappear? What if, in addition, only natural and regional elements were used?

The creators of the ART & GAVARRES Festival believe that art can be a tool to reflect and change our view of the landscape. This event, also called ‘International Land Art Festival’, has been taking place in the province of Girona for three years. Particularly in different sites in the mountainous area of ​​Les Gavarres.

Installation by Josep Matés Porcell. Image by Art & Gavarres.

How does The Festival Work?

The artists create works in situ for a week, with natural materials such as land, straw, stones, firewood or water.

Installation by Esteve Dalmau. Image by Art & Gavarres.

Works can have various purposes, such as:

- Pointing out the devastating effects of human action in the exploitation of materials.

- Raising awareness about natural resources in this environment

- Recovering artisan production techniques

- Making the audience aware of the environment

This event is relatively young. But it reminds us of other successful events, such as the Temps de Flors, in which ephemeral works are also produced every year, but with flowers.

Can we apply any of these ideas to the development of other types of exhibitions? How to make future events more sustainable?

Artwork by Alberto Martínez. Image by Art & Gavarres.
Date: 2023-08-03