Hosting a World Congress in Barcelona: Our Stands at MWC 2018 (III)

Hosting a World Congress in Barcelona: Our Stands at MWC 2018 (III)

Mobile technology is a lot about "the web", "virtuality" and "data management". Nontheless there is a great deal of physical things going on in the biggest tradeshow for the industry: Mobile World Congress.

Interaction between costumers, multisensorial exhibition of products, and a big scenography for each company to recreate brand values. Or to generate adhoc environments.  Let´s review the last part of our projects for this edition of the greatest tradeshow in Fira Barcelona.

Smith Micro (above these lines) is a company that "develops software to simplify and enhance the mobile experience". Their stand was a clean and bright space with flares of blue. This was perfect to have meetings while appreciating demos of their solutions.  Graphics in a hight position are always a good solution for a good visibility from the distance.

Telecoming, below, also required a bright space, but which had certain privacy for holding VIP meetings and a catering area only for guests, inside a transparent structure. (By the way, we supplied our wonderful barista service, with fresh coffee!). Hanging lamps resembling the brand logo, and an attractive videowall were some important features of this stand.

Stand for Telecoming

NCC Group, "the global experts in cyber security and risk mitigation", allowed us to deliver a minimal-structured design.  Black walling and straight angles speak about functionality, while red corporate hues and white halos grant a powerful accent.

Stand for NCC Group

Finally, our friends from Whisbi required an informal and easygoing environment that included a demo bar, and an isolated studio where videos and images were produced.

Stand for Whisbi

We love this show, even if demands all of our energy. And we are very grateful about all the projects and opportunities that we have had this year. We hope to see you all again next time.

Date: 2023-09-13