Hosting a World Congress in Barcelona: Our Stands at MWC 2018 (II)

Hosting a World Congress in Barcelona: Our Stands at MWC 2018 (II)

Ephemeral architecture lasts for a short period of time. And after the end of a show, we only preserve the experiences of those days, and the images that we could capture. So here we go with some more pics of our productions for our friends at MWC2018.

Above these lines, the stand for Dialogic. For the third year since 2016, this company dedicated to application development (among other services) requested Smart Room Barcelona to deliver an outstanding desgin to make a visual statement.  The use of a white lattice mixed with blue led illumination is a reminder of their logo, which is an abstraction of a cloud.

Below this paragraph, the booth for Digital Element.  While developing IP Geolocation Technology, we provided them with a friendly-styled stand with soft curves, which invited for a relaxed environment. See the plexyglass container on the left? It was a visually interesting idea to display their merchandising product.

And finally, our second year participation with Incell.  Soft curves in an ellegant "hospitality suite" for the company specialized in lithium batteries for telecom networks. While preserving the style from last year, this time we generated a more luminous facade that allowed partial view to the inside (where the blue skies showed the product in its environment).

Our final review is yet to come.  Stay tuned !

Date: 2023-09-13