In spite of everything, we are still together.

In spite of everything, we are still together.


We come to the end of a year in which we have not been able to travel, we have not been able to meet each other to celebrate physical events, and we have not been able to hug each other as we would have liked.

Today more than ever, we think that it’s fundamental to keep united with the important people for us.  Even if we are in the distance.

Christmas cards is one of the many ways which can approach us to our important people.

Thus, from Smart Room Barcelona we launch a message to all our followers and friends: we are still together.

Because in spite of everything, in all the places of the world, in our closest environment, we will keep on celebrating little big traditions by the end of the year (or the begining of the next one), which give sense to our lives.  Even if the rituals are different, we will keep on celebrating events.

In Spain and France we’ll keep on eating the ‘Three King’s Cake’, the bells will ring during Omisoka in Japan, Brasilians will still offer candles into the sea for Yemanjá,  India has been full of lights during Diwali, Jewish families will keep on lighting their homes during Hannukah, Santa Claus will keep on reading millions of letters…

No mattering which tradition is closer to you: we wish that these little big certainties help us all to have moments of joy again.

We only ask you for something: do it in a responsible way.

Let’s keep together, celebrating something there where we are!


Date: 2023-08-03