Less is more: Japanism and Japanese Interior Design

Less is more: Japanism and Japanese Interior Design

Why is the Japanese style so popular in interior design? We discover the principal factors why Japanese interior design is revolutionizing housing throughout the world.

Interior design offers decoration styles for all tastes, but nevertheless, the Oriental Style is one of the most demanded design trends due to its peculiar combination of exotism and serenity.

White and beige hues are predominant, and they go together with soft touches of live colours and glitters of gold and silver. The most common materials are wood, linen and rice paper.

Japanese decoration grants clean, bright, and harmonious environments which entice to relaxation and wellness. Besides, it adapts perfectly well to all kinds of complex areas in shape and dimensions. For example, it is an optimal solution for intimate and small format spaces, which we can decorate with low tables lacking of accesories, and small furniture. While having few elements, an amplitude effect is generated.

In SMART ROOM BARCELONA we also feel attracted to Japanese interiorism, and we are fascinated about its integration to Occidental culture, originating ‘Japanism’: the influence of Oriental art on Occidental art.

Japanese style keeps a strong link with minimalism, making emphasis in the “less is more” concept, where absence of elements and order plays an essential role.  Japanese decoration supports the idea of clean, open, naked, sober and very natural spaces, where every element has a specific place, and they all enable comfort at the dwelling space. This style invites to silence and contemplation.

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Date: 2023-08-01