Our MWC stands 2019 (1): Big Format Stands

Our MWC stands 2019 (1): Big Format Stands

MWC stands are our speciality! After months of preparation, the big week of the year passed very quickly.  Mobile World Congress 2019 took place last week in Fira Barcelona, and we had the great challenge of delivering a series of stands at this event.  Companies from different countries and backgrounds demanded our services for design and standbuilding. As a result, we had a great variety of shapes, textures and colours, which helped in powering business.

Let's speak about the "big-format" stands.

Dialogic (above these lines), our long-term costumer, opted for a radical change in their exhibit strategy: a warm and friendly environment with wood textures and greenery. Completely outbreaking but yet very cozy. This booth invited to a relaxing conversation on fashionable couches. Have you noticed the private area on the double decker? Nice innovation for VIP meetings.

On the other hand, Airspan displayed a soft-tech look-and-feel. Slight incorporations of blue, low walls with plants, and a slightly different layout from last year. These elements helped in refreshing the appeal of the stand.  Keeping certain constant elements from year to year can also be helpful in terms of preserving the brand in the mind of visitors.

If you want to know more details about MWC stands, take a look to our galleries.  No mattering the size, details make a difference!

Date: 2023-09-13