Smart Room Barcelona at the ‘Event Organisers Encounter’

Smart Room Barcelona at the ‘Event Organisers Encounter’

The best about Events is meeting people.  Our environment is always changing, and in Smart Room Barcelona we are always open to meet with people and organisations. This allows us to enhance our horizons.

Thus, we have participated at the 'Events Organisers Meeting' (Trobada d'Organitzadors d'Esdeveniments) at Finca Mas Solers, in Vilanova i la Geltrú. An awsome place to exchange opinions about our tasks. The event happened in a very dynamic format: 7 x 7  (7 slides in 7 minutes).

This meeting, organised by the 'Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès' (FEGP), allowed us to speak about issues like the importance of 'Project Management' or Design Within Commercial Exhibitions. Our lecture was given by Iván Sánchez, project manager at our Production Department.

This event has left us with the pleasant feeling of being part of an important, growing and active business network. Thanks to the FEGP for the invitation!

Date: 2023-09-14