Successful Participation at the World Ophtalmology Congress 2018

Successful Participation at the World Ophtalmology Congress 2018

Smart Room Barcelona has had a wonderful weekend at the WOC (World Ophtalmology Congress) 2018 in Barcelona.  We have delivered six bespoke design stands for renouned companies in the field of Eye Medicine and Technology Supplies for this speciality.

The image above features the stand for Staar Surgical, one of our long-time partnerships. The spectacular pictures of their corporate branding helped us in designing a panoramic lightbox. Turquoise blue elements helped in standing out and bringing a touch of modernity.

Below, the stand for AJL, in collaboration with Tomey.  This "island" with four open sides was shared in a way that both companies had open space but maximum brand visibility, plus a mini-theater zone.

We were very glad to work for A.R.C. Laser for the third time.  This functional design, conceived by our client in strict accordance to their visual identity, has kept consistent during the last events.

Espansione and E.Janach joined their efforts to come together to this event.  Diagonal desks and LED halos on the walls helped in giving dynamism to this shared space.

Katena has been also collaborating with us along the past years, with nice results.  A huge and well lit sales area was the main feature of this company dedicated to high-precission instruments and devices.

Finally, our stand for Oculus.  Clean and clinical, highly functional, but with different details that made it friendly: graphics and layout helped in configurating different zones for work and display.

We hope to keep on with the good work, and we expect to see all our friends from the Ophtalmology world back in Barcelona soon!

Date: 2023-09-14