Surprising installations by Benedetto Buffalino

Surprising installations by Benedetto Buffalino

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Last week we discovered Benedetto Bufalino, a French artist who plays with everyday objects, altering the way we perceive them.  Do you remember his camper-pool?

A cement truck turned into a flashy rotating element with thousands of mirrors; a limousine with no roof and meters of open space for visitors to chat, or a fish tank made with an English telephone booth, are only some examples of his fun mix of concepts.

Why would this be important for our own work? While other authors have done it in the past, Buffalino’s approach is quite close to people’s interaction. He designs for visitors to touch, feel and experiment his objects, rather in a social way.

Can we design amusing installations to sell a brand? Can we make visitors feel moved by a fun experience?

Date: 2023-09-14