Texture Installations Made with Everyday Objects

Texture Installations Made with Everyday Objects

(©  Pictures by WeMakeCarpets)

Dutch studio ‘We Make Carpets’ is a trio of artists who discovered the power of visual textures generated with everyday objects.

They have been together creating installations since 2009 using an infinite series of materials, like bottles, clothes, umbrellas, pencils or even mussels, candy and pasta!

Their work consists in filling great extensions with millimetrically ordered objects. It is produced in different formats and sizes, and featured in places like museums and cultural centers, or even in open spaces.  They have also been part of interactive installations for public of all ages.

The collective has used a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes along the last years. The work is usually conditioned by the materials used each time.

Why do we like this form of art?  Because we think that it’s inspirational: it makes us imagine endless possibilities of decoration for our stands !!!   

(More info at: http://www.wemakecarpets.nl and https://www.designboom.com/design/we-make-carpets-hands-on-exhibition-02-06-2018/?utm_source=designboom+daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=we+make+carpets)

Date: 2023-09-14