"Thanks for Growing with Us!": our message for Christmas

"Thanks for Growing with Us!": our message for Christmas

December is the moment to evaluate all what we have learned throughout the year. We evaluate how much we have grown.  , We needed to say "thanks for growing with us".

We need to be thankful to many people for this. Our achievements come from the work and interactions with many special folks that we find along the way.

We wanted to find a way to let all these people how thankful we are to them. We wanted to give them something that could grow, like friendship.  So we designed and sent some cards in the old-fashioned way. (Did you know that we can design merchandising for your Christmas campaigns, too?)

Eco-friendly pencils with bilingual Christmas cards.
Our cards include eco-friendly pencils with a seed inside.

These cards contained a pencil which can be planted when finished:  it will give birth to a little plant. We sincerely hope that they help creativity to keep on growing all year long.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for growing with us, from the whole Smart Room Barcelona team!

Date: 2023-08-03