Trade Shows and Exhibitions. What for?

Trade Shows and Exhibitions. What for?

On July the 2nd we are celebrating the Global Exhibitions Day. Since it has been so long since we haven't celebrated any event due to the health restrictions, it is very important to remember what they are useful for.

Why are trade shows and exhibitions useful today?

Smart Room Barcelona proposes four good reasons why trade shows and exhibitions are an important thing to care about:


1. Business in specifical sectors is fostered (technology, food, pharmaceuticals, construction, etc).

The original intention of a trade show is genertaing business. Meeting people who sell with people who buy. It is a millenary concept: gathering together in a common space and exchanging products.

2. Trade shows are good for innovations and products related to those sectors.

We attend fairs to deliver or to experiment novelties. Trade shows are the best showcase for the world to know new technologies, products or services.

3. Trade shows foster networking.

One can find peers from your guild, competitors, potential clients or industry enthusiasts. So one can exchange information that benefits each other.

4. Trade shows generate indirect employment.

Events are nourishment for a huge business network. We build this ecosystem with Ephemeral Architecture, Event Production, Services, Restauration, Business Tourism, Transportation, Logistics, etc.



For all these reasons, trade shows are quite important for the economical recovery in these moments.

Which will be your next trade show? Smart Room Barcelona can help you participate in a safe way, with a very attractive stand. Just get in touch with us!

Date: 2023-08-03