Ecodesign and Furniture: 3 examples as a trend.

Ecodesign and Furniture: 3 examples as a trend.

At Smart Room Barcelona we think that more and more people are aware of the impact of ecodesign and furniture. The environmental impact generated by our consumption decisions. The materials that we choose to finish our house, the packaging of the items that we buy in any store, the waste that is generated when an appliance stops working, etc.

Design focused on reducing environmental impact is known as "ecodesign and furniture". Its objective is to improve the environmental efficiency of products throughout their life cycle (creation, manufacture, packaging, transport, distribution, use, maintenance, end of life and treatment as waste).

Hundreds of designers are joining this way of working. We propose three examples:


Piet Hein Eek

Furniture and ecodesigns are characterized by using simple materials, in a traditional way. It advocates sustainability and social responsibility in the production of its furniture. It not only proposes a piece of furniture made from recycled material: visually it is known that the materials are reusable. However, it achieves the opposite effect, proposing unique pieces that look like small works of art.

Furniture made with leftover wood. Design and photographs by Piet Hein Eek. Ecodesign.
Furniture made of wooden scraps. Design and pics by Piet Hein Eek.

David Trubridge

The New Zealand designer uses local raw materials for his ecodesigns and furniture . He is considered a modern craftsman who experiments with wood. It identifies with the trend of 'raw sophistication' or 'raw sophistication'.

(The Cloud lamps are a redesign that was originally produced in plastic but was discontinued due to its negative environmental impact. Today it is produced in bamboo and is an example that rectifying is wise. Be careful with the packaging, which is super flat!).

Bamboo lamp. Ecodesign and furniture.
Lamp made of bamboo, the improved object which was originally designed in plastic. Design and pics by David Trubridge.

Campana Design

The Brazilian studio of the brothers Fernando and Humberto: (ecodesign and furniture), Campana designs pieces inspired by the culture and traditions of their country. In some pieces of their work they use eco-design, generating furniture and reinterpreting materials from everyday life that are usually recycled, such as scraps of cloth, stuffed animals, ropes, pieces of glass, plastics, etc.

lamps made of broken glass; Ecodesign and furniture.
lamps made of broken glass; shoes made from recycled plastic. Design and photos by Campana Brothers.


Date: 2023-09-14